Factors For New Drivers To Consider Before Hauling Construction Equipment

If you are starting new job hauling heavy equipment, being prepared before you set out on the road is a good idea. While you may have driven semi-trucks and trailers in the past, you should know that hauling heavy equipment like tractors can be a bit different. Follow these tips for making sure your load is secure and ready to go before you hit the road for equipment transportation. How You Tie Down Equipment Is Extremely Important

Car Jumping Contests: How The Competition Will Cause More Frequent Auto And Hydraulic Repair

So you installed a hydraulic system to customize your vehicle and give it that low rider look with some major bounce. If you also enter your car into car jumping contests, then you may want to look at what it will cost to maintain and repair your hydraulics after a few competitions. Sometimes it is not the hydraulics you need to worry about so much as it is the suspension, the shocks or the tie rods.

What Could Be Causing My Transmission To Leak?

The transmission in your vehicle performs a very important function: it sends power to the engine so it can run. If you have problems with your transmission, you have problems with your car in general. One of the most common transmission issues is a leak. Before you can address transmission repairs, you need to figure out the cause. Here are some different things that might be causing your transmission to leak:

Protect Your Car's Interior From Sun And Heat Damage

The sun can destroy your car's interior. It causes the color of the dash and upholstery to fade, and eventually it weakens both plastic and fabric fibers so they wear prematurely. Taking steps to protect your car from the sun keeps it looking nicer and in better repair. It also makes the vehicle less hot when you get into it on a sunny day. Start With the Tint Your car's windows do little to block the sun on their own.

5 Steps To Ensuring A Long Life For Your Lawn Mower

The seasonal ritual of mowing and trimming the yard is an enjoyable experience for many. A freshly mowed lawn is a thing of beauty and source of pride for many homeowners. For others, it is simply a chore that has to be taken care of on a regular basis. In either case, the task is made easier with a reliable and well-working lawn mower. Today's mowers often come with a hefty price tag, but following a few helpful hints can protect that investment and keep your mower operating at top efficiency.