What Could Be Causing My Transmission To Leak?

The transmission in your vehicle performs a very important function: it sends power to the engine so it can run. If you have problems with your transmission, you have problems with your car in general. One of the most common transmission issues is a leak. Before you can address transmission repairs, you need to figure out the cause.

Here are some different things that might be causing your transmission to leak:

Transmission Elements Are Not Secure

There are a couple small elements to your transmission that may seem very minor, but can actually lead to a leak just by not being secured or tightened. The first is the pan, which may become loose if the bolts attaching it aren't tightened properly. This usually happens when the filter is being changed, and the pan needs to be re-attached.

The other element is the drain plugs, which also may not be secured properly after a tune-up, or when flushing the transmission fluid. Each of these causes are easy to fix, and it is important not to delay on the repairs.

The Pan Gasket is Cracked

One of the simplest and least expensive things to fix is when your pan gasket is cracked. If your pan gasket is frayed or cracked, it can lead to a leak of transmission fluid. The location of the pan gasket will be the only difficult part when repairing it, since it can sometimes be very low in your transmission system. However, it should be easy to locate in most modern vehicles.

Damage From Debris

If you have been driving over rock or gravel recently, you might have unknowingly damaged the bell housing for your transmission. This is made of strong aluminum or steel, but you can still get a crack or puncture if a rock hits the bell housing hard enough. It is not difficult to do while you are driving over a road that is not paved properly. If the rock hits the edge, it can puncture it slightly, which will cause the fluid lines to be damaged and start leaking fluid. You may need to have the lines repaired if this happens.

Torque Converter Issues

This is a less common cause, but still something to consider if you have ruled out other causes for the transmission fluid leak. There is a hydraulic pump that helps to create pressure in the transmission, called the torque converter. When this pressure is created, it helps to send fluid to the rest of the system. If there are cracks in the torque converter, or faulty needle bearings, it can lead to a leak. This is a more expensive repair, but one that should not be put off.

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