Two Tips To Help You Get A Used Semi On A Budget

If you're ready to make the switch from working for a trucking company to being your own boss, the first thing you'll need is your own truck.  However, because used semi- trucks can cost as much as $100,000 dollars, you may feel like ownership is out of your grasp.  There are things you can do to get the truck you need so you can get greater control of your income as an owner.  Use this information to learn two techniques you can use to get the truck you desire on a budget.

Consider Truck Rental Companies

The first place you should look when you're in the market for a used semi truck at an affordable rate is with truck rental companies.  These businesses regularly update their inventory, and when they do, they're looking to sell off their old stock.  This could work to your advantage.

Check with commercial truck rental companies during times of the year when new inventory is set to come in.  Whether this is in late summer or early fall when the next years' stock is arriving, or at the end of the year, when rental companies need to free up space as soon as possible. Truck rental companies are a great choice because they take care of their inventory so that it is safe for rental, and they are generally able to supply full maintenance records which document all of the regular service dates, along with any issues that the truck may have had so you'll be buying with full disclosure.

Check Online Auctions

Although you may believe that online auctions are mainly for things such as electronics or home goods, you would be amazed at the great bargains that you may be able to get simply by being open to bidding on a truck at an online auction website.  Owner-operators are always looking to upgrade their truck by auctioning off their current version, and you can capitalize on this by taking their old truck off of their hands.

When you go to the online auction websites, be sure to look at the right categories. "Transportation" is a good search query, along with "commercial trucks" and "semi's".  Be sure to have a mechanic inspect the truck before purchase to ensure that it's road-worthy.

Becoming an owner-operator doesn't have to be out of reach if you know what to do.  Use these tips right away so you can get a great truck without breaking the bank. Talk to a professional like Arrow Truck Sales for more information.