How To Take Care Of Your Brake Maintenance

Preventative car maintenance has evolved over the years. Thanks to improved technology, many procedures, such as oil changes, no longer need to be done as often. However, you still need to practice due diligence with your vehicle or you may pay a steep price in repair bills as your car ages. Practicing proper brake usage and maintenance is one of the steps you cannot afford to skip.

Brake Check

Although most drivers know to change their oil and occasionally rotate their tires, their preventative efforts stop there. In fact, you should have your brakes inspected at least once a year. Having it done at the same time that your tires are rotated is an excellent idea. The process will include checking your brake pads and rotor disc for wear. Your brake fluid will also be inspected to make sure it still looks clear. Dirty and dark brake fluid can keep your vehicle from properly stopping. 

Brake Longevity

If you want to prevent brake problems, you need to adjust the way your drive. For instance, driving at a higher rate of speed and then hitting the brakes causes a lot of stress on your car's system. Experts also advise only using your right foot on the brake pedal. This practice ensures that you will not hit both the brake and the gas at the same time, a combination that wears down your brakes quite quickly. Whenever possible, try coasting to lower your speed before applying the brakes. You'll keep your brakes cooler and avoid some unnecessary wear and tear.

Warning Signs

Even proper maintenance and good driving practices will not prevent all problems. If you hear squeaking noises when you hit the brakes, you probably need to have your brake pads replaced. If you hear the frightening sound of metal grinding on metal, you probably have serious and expensive rotor problems. You cannot afford to ignore this issue if you want to stay safe as your brakes can completely fail. If your warning lights keep coming on, you need to have a mechanic, like the ones at ABS Unlimited Auto Repair, take a look to see if they are indicating a real problem.

Good driving practices and proper maintenance can ensure that your vehicle's brakes last a good long time. Often drivers only do the bare minimum when it comes to keeping their cars in shape. Occasionally changing the oil is not enough. You must also make sure your brakes are in good working order. Doing so only takes a little time and common sense throughout the year.