Should You Buy Towing Insurance Or Roadside Assistance?

All drivers need to be prepared for a possible motor vehicle breakdown because it will undoubtedly happen at some point. Millions of US motorists are stranded by a flat tire, engine problem, or accident each year. When that situation happens, you will be thankful that you have a membership to a roadside assistance club or towing insurance through your regular car insurance provider. Before you hit the road, you need to decide which service will work best for you and sign up.

Roadside Assistance Associations

You will probably pay slightly more for membership in one of these associations  than you would for coverage through your insurance company although they often offer a higher level of service. You can expect to pay somewhere between $75 - $150 per year for many plans. This option is excellent if you only have liability insurance for your car or want a wide variety of discounts. In addition to towing, they offer flat tire repair, key replacement, and other services. More expensive plans may give you extras such as legal representation for speeding tickets or payment for emergency room visits when you are away from home. 

Roadside Assistance Insurance

On most policies, roadside assistance coverage is optional, so you need to specifically request it. Usually, adding the coverage is quite inexpensive. You will probably only pay a few extra dollars a month, often between $5 - $7, for each vehicle you cover. You can get some of the same services as you can with a roadside assistance association, but you usually have to carry comprehensive and collision insurance before your insurance company offers roadside service to you. If you only use roadside assistance once or twice a year, your insurance rates will probably not be affected, but frequent claims can raise your premium or, in extreme cases, keep your company from renewing your roadside assistance service. You should consult with your insurance agent to find out how a number of claims can affect your policy. 

Each option has its benefits, and your choice will depend on how much money you want to spend and the type of insurance policy you already have. You should choose some sort of roadside assistance because paying for a towing company or other help when you are stranded off the beaten path can cost you a great deal of money and hours of inconvenience. Having some sort of coverage is a good investment.