About Misaligned Wheels & Worn Car Tires

Are you fed up with the loud noises your car tires make each time you make a turn? It may be time for you to invest in a new set of tires, but the problem may happen again if the wheels are not properly aligned. Find out in this article how a bad wheel alignment can lead to worn tires, as well as what you can expect to pay a professional to fix the problem.

How Can Misaligned Wheels Affect Car Tires?

Tires can become worn fast if misaligned wheels are preventing the vehicle from driving in a straight line. For instance, you may find that your car automatically moves into other lanes if the wheels are not aligned. The force put on the tires when your car automatically moves to the side causes them to need frequent repairs. The problem can be dangerous and cause an accident if you don't keep a good grip on the steering wheel.

When wheels are misaligned, you may also notice that there are bald spots on your tires. The reason bald spots occur is due to the tires losing tread. It is common for tread to be reduced when the wheel axles are not positioned correctly. It is likely that a lack of tread is the reason your tires are so loud when you make turns.

If you want your tires to stop getting worn out so fast, you must take your car to a mechanic, like those at PDR Automotive Inc, so he or she can put it on a platform. Each of the wheels will then be rotated and observed to determine how well they are able to move. The mechanic will also take a look at the suspension axles and align them if they are not positioned right. The steering wheel may also be repositioned in order for the wheels to be successfully aligned.

What is the Cost to Get Wheels Aligned?

The overall price for a wheel alignment will depend on what kind of repairs are needed when your car is inspected by the mechanic. The mechanic may only need to align two wheels, but it is also possible that a four-wheel alignment is necessary. You should expect to pay a minimum of $20 plus no matter how many wheels are aligned. However, the alignment can cost as much as over $400 for foreign vehicle with rare parts. Don't delay getting your wheels aligned so your tires will last longer!