Beginner's Guide To Selecting The Right Truck Cover

If you own a pick-up truck and you are contemplating putting a covering over the bed, there are a few different types to select from. Each have their own benefits and disadvantages, and each should be weighed according to your desires when making the selection process. Here is a list of bed covers and what you can expect from them, helping you decide which would best meet the standards for your specific situation.

Tonneau Bed Covers

Tonneau covers are flat and cover the bed area of your pickup while leaving your back window unobstructed. They do not alter the silhouette of your vehicle and offer protection to the bed area of your truck. Here are some of the types of tonneau bed covers to choose from:

  • Fiberglass - This type of bed covering is rigid and able to be locked. It gives your truck a streamlined looked while protecting your materials. Removal is not that difficult if you need to haul larger items.
  • Canvas - A canvas truck bed covering will protect the bed of your truck and can be removed with ease. The downfall is that it cannot be locked.
  • Roll-back - A truck bed with a roll-back covering allows you to make room in the bed for large items by rolling back the covering, out of the way. The material is put on tracks on the sides of your truck and ball bearing rollers allow it to be pushed to open. They lock, as well.

Camper Shells

Truck bed shells, often called camper shells, are made from fiberglass or aluminum and they offer full protection of your truck bed from weather. They come with windows and many have a door in the back, as well. The heights vary, making it easy to find one that will suit your specific needs. Camper shells are used by people who enjoy hunting or camping, as you can use the bed of your truck as your sleeping quarters. There is a lot of room for making larger hauls. The shell can be locked, leaving your items inside secure. 

If you need to haul something that will not fit in the camper shell, it will need to be removed by more than one person. The removal is time-consuming and you will need to be very careful not to scrape or drop the shell, as it is heavy. The shell is placed on cinder blocks to make it easier to lift up when it is to be put back on the truck.

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