Simple Measures That Can Save Your Life While Working On Your Car

When giving advice on car repair, many people focus on how to carry out repair or avoid particular damages. This is good because it is what car repair is mainly about. However, you should not ignore the issue of safety because automotive repair can be a very dangerous thing, especially for non-professionals. Therefore, if you plan on working on your car, then you should be aware of essential safety measures such as:

Mind Your Physical Limitations 

Car repair often involves heavy lifting (such as pulling a cylinder head), bending, twisting or crawling under the car (probably the most common). Even if you have an excellent knowledge of your car, there are things that you may not be able to do. Note that professional mechanics often have equipments to help them with such tasks, equipment that you may not have. Therefore, know what you can and cannot handle, and stick to the former.

Don't Trust the Jack Alone to Hold Up the Car

You have probably used the jack a number of times to lift and hold up the car, but that was (hopefully) without getting under the vehicle. If you are planning on crawling under your car, then give it more support in addition to the jack. Don't use things that may crumble (such as bricks) or roll away (such as wood) for this support. Use support stands with appropriate weight ratings for your car.

Disconnect the Battery When Doing Electrical Repairs

It is prudent to disconnect one of the battery cables when carrying out electrical repairs to prevent an accidental short circuit. Such an accident may cause expensive damage by starting a fire or frying one of the circuits in your car's electrical system. Therefore, once you have mastered that online video that shows you how to install a radio, don't forget to

Don't Wear Loose Clothing or Accessories

If you are working on your car, then nothing on your body should be loose. This includes clothes, jewelry, scarves and any other thing that may get entangled in moving parts of the car such as belts. As for long hair, it needs to be tied or covered up. Even if you aren't working on a moving part, a loose accessory may interfere with your movement when you want to get away from danger fast; for example, if you want to move out from under the car.

Even if you are prepared (in terms of safety gear, equipment, and precautions) for a car repair, you shouldn't try anything you can't handle. That cannot only lead to an injury, but it can also lead to further damage. If you don't know how to complete a project, contact a company like Wilson & Bell Transmission.