Changing Your Car's Oil & Filter

Changing your car's oil and filter doesn't have to be a complicated process and can be done by following these easy steps.

1 - Run your car for about five minutes to let the oil warm up. Warm oil drains faster and will be easier to work with. Do not let your car run for an extended period of time or attempt to change the oil after driving as the oil will be too hot and you could be severely burned.

2 - Jack up the front end of the car using a lift jack and then place two blocks of wood or bricks in behind the rear tires to prevent it from moving.

3 - Once the car is lifted then you can place an oil pan on the floor underneath the drain plug and remove it by unscrewing the plug. Once the drain plug is removed oil will quickly start flowing out, so wear gloves and be prepared to catch the spills in the oil pan. Removing the filler cap located on the top of the engine will help the oil drain faster.

4 - Once the oil is completely drained, put the drain plug back into place and screw it back in until it is tight. Then remove the oil filter using a rag and make sure that you are ready for any excess oil that might spill out from it when it becomes dislodged.

5 - Lubricate the new oil filter with some oil to make sure that it has enough to start up immediately. Screw the new filter into place and make sure that it forms a proper seal and the gasket is in place to prevent leaks.

6 - Pour the new oil into the engine using a funnel to prevent spills. Check with your owner's manual to see how much oil should be put into the engine and the specific type of oil, as some engines require synthetic oils. Once it is filled, replace the cap and tighten it into place. Make sure you've checked the dipstick to make sure the oil is at the proper level

7 - Take the dirty oil to an oil disposal site at a local garage. They will charge a small environmental and disposal fee for getting rid of the old oil.

Changing your own oil and filter can save you money. If you don't have the time to do a proper oil change or think there could be a potential oil leak, you need to take the car into a professional mechanic to have the car inspected at a shop like Applewood Automotive.