What Can Anti-Lock Brake System Do For You?

If you are of a certain age, then you were taught to pump your brakes in an emergency situation. If you got into an out-of-control skid you were supposed to pump your brakes to help slow your car down while still having some kind of traction and steering control. These days you don't need to do that because of anti-lock brake systems. 

What Are Anti-Lock Brakes?

Basically, an anti-lock brake system does the same thing that you used to do when you pumped the brakes to help deal with a skid. It helps you to maintain traction in an emergency situation. Maintaining traction means that you can keep some steering control. 

How Do Anti-Lock Brake Systems Work?

Basically, the ABS works the same way that pumping your brakes did. The ABS has an electronic sensor that senses when any of the wheels is starting to lock up and skid. The system will then start to alternate between braking and releasing the brake. It will do that faster and more precisely than you ever would be able to do. Your anti-lock brake system will let you be able to keep or regain control of your car quicker, which keeps you safer. Newer ABS systems also have sensors which will help to balance out braking power in between the front and rear tires. That helps to maintain your traction and steering even more. 

Are Anti-Lock Brake Systems a Good Idea?

Yes, they really are. Your car's ABS is an important part of your car's safety system. It helps prevent accidents. Part of the reason that anti-lock brakes do that is because they take the human factor out of braking. Even if you know what you should do when your car loses traction and starts skidding, it can be hard to remember what to do when it actually happens. Many people start panicking during a skid and over-brake or over-steer. That can cause accidents. Putting braking in the hands of a system that can do it better and faster than you could eliminates one factor, making it easier for you to concentrate on your steering and getting back under control. 

If you learned how to drive before anti-lock brake systems became standard in cars you may not be sure how they work. You may still feel the urge to pump the brakes in case of emergency. That was what you learned, and that is what your instincts fall back on. But if you do that, you can ruin the work that the ABS is doing, and keep you in the emergency situation that you are trying to end.

In order to keep your ABS running well, make sure to get it serviced regularly at a garage like McLaren Automotive Service.